Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boycotting Israeli Products [Progress Update Part 2]

Hello Everyone,

My holidays are underway and updates to this blog have been slow.

I am sorry. Anyways, I am fresh back from my medical checkup and preggy mama is at 28 weeks now. But preggy updates will be for another post.

More to my boycott updates.

My entire household has undergone a great change.

From M*ilo, my mum has changed our staple drink to ovaltine, which is Israel free. And everyone seems to be enjoying it well.

And everyone who knows me wants to know whether I have quit my one passion which I have never been able to live without aka Starb*ucks coffee. The answer is YES. I quit cold turkey since the day Aisha died. Not only that, I have found alternatives which I find equally as good! Alternatives below readers:-

1. Dr. Cafe - founded by Yousef Al-Rajhi and hailing from Saudi Arabia, this is my main alternative to Star*bucks. The coffee is quite good, although because I am preggers I can only drink decaf at the moment. I find the caramel macchiato latte really GOOD (addictive really). And since a shop is found at citta mall, ara damansara 3 mins away, I have one almost every day.

2. Dr. Figaro coffee - A chain that finds its roots from the phillipines, the coffee is quite good, although I find the drinks slightly watered down and the coffee doesn't pack the same amount of ummphh. Maybe its the barristas, am not sure. The food it serves is quite ok though and I like the tapas.

3. Sao Paulo coffee - One has just opened up in citta mall, I have yet to give it a try, I will try the coffee and keep you guys posted.

4. Coffee Bean - This is an obvious choice for the rest of us, and it has shops almost everywhere where there is Star*bucks. Do most of you know that although Star*bucks is a loyal supporter of the IDF, its chain is not popular in Israel? Coffee Bean is arguably the more successful one of the two over there. There no known ties or pledges made by Coffee Bean to IDF though, so I suppose its perfectly alright as an alternative.

5. Coffee Stain - Coffee Stain is a small cafe located in Solaris Dutamas which serves excellent Lavazza coffee. The caramel latte is to DIE for. I go here for coffee all the time!

Alright guys, more progress updates coming soon.

Happy holidays readers.

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