Friday, December 7, 2012

Boycotting Israel [Progress Update 1]

Hello Everyone,

People have asked me since I started my boycott (which is really, strictly speaking not really that long anyway), how I do it. Istiqamah ke? Have I been following the list strictly? Susah ke nak boycott semua benda? Mcm mcm la. Some have been cynical, think I am doing something completely pointless and sia-sia but alhamdulillah most have been rather supportive about it, especially my family.

But I tell you, its funny how an event can change your life completely. And I must admit that I have been successful so far at this point to follow everything in the list, which I have now memorised by heart. I think it is a conscious decision for a person to make, like buying only organic stuff, or becoming a vegetarian, or boycotting fur, you know..that kind of stuff.

At first it was difficult, because everything is just so convenient and the products are so widespread...but checking labels and product names and brands and bar codes have now become second nature to me, like breathing is. For the kitchen and food products in the house, we are currently finishing the products which have brought before we started the boycott (Allah tak suka org membazir, although I honestly can't eat them anymore), but we shall be following the list strictly after that, and I have also pasted the list on the fridge in my house so even my maids know what they should not buy for themselves when they go on leave.

Bags and Brands

Since Co*ach is on the list, I no longer have the stomach to look at any of my co*ach bags for it reminds me of Aisha and I hope to either sell them and give the money to Palestine or give them away to my maids or my sister's friends who want them. I have resorted to buying either Kate Spade bags (one of which I am wearing right now is GORGEOUS by they way) or Marc Jacobs which is not on the list. I mean a host of European luxury brands like Longchamp, Prada, Dior, Chanel etc (which are not owned by the Estee Lauder conglomerate) are not on the list and are Israel free so there are plenty of alternatives.

Lotions and Cosmetics
For Vic*toria Secret products which are also on the list, I am now using Body Shop products as an alternative. As for Johnson & Johns*on, in so far as body lotions are concerned, I am switching to Rosken and Nivea products and I have to say that they are actually better! hahah, who would have thought.

Fast Food
McD is history, but for those who crave fast food, there are always alternatives like KFC and Pizza Hut , Kenny Rogers, Nandos which are not on the list. Just be careful when ordering your drinks there. 

In so far as drinks are concerned, I mostly drink plain water now (how healthy I know!). But I avoid Nes*tle, F &N and Fan*ta products like the plague and trust me, findings alternative for these are hard! for coffee canned drinks, I choose Pokka as an alternative. For other sweet drinks, Yeo's (I know Yeo's is a Singapore brand and they have NO balls since they did not vote for Palestine at the UN...BOOOO) but hey, at least they are not on the list.

Boycott News around the world
Oh, and for those who still think boycotting israeli products is a waste of time or is useless, get this, just last year, Israeli parliament passed an anti boycott bill. The link is here. Aikkk, stress nampak kena boycott ye? Suka hati aku lah kan nak boikot korang...hahahahaha

Stevie Wonder has recently pulled out of performing at the fundraiser gala for IDF after public pressure. Yeay, I am so proud that I signed the petition asking him to back out of the event! News here.

Ok, more updates on alternative products later.

Have a good weekend ahead since it is Friday after all!


  1. The Body Shop is a subsidiary of L'Oreal, which is on the boycott list.

  2. Salam kfc , pizza huts are in the list

  3. Hi anonymous, thanks for the info. Bodyshop is on the boycott list from now on huhu!

    Salam lin, am not sure which list you are referring to. I follow the inminds list. the companies there are verified to have ties with Isreal. KFC and Pizza hut is not on their list. Please check it out at the inminds website. There are some fake lists out there so be careful.