Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poyo, Solaris Dutamas

Went here for lunch with a colleague.

Welcome to Poyo, Simply Malaysian

 A colleague of mine had this bihun sup and said it was bland...its as if no salt was put in at all

 My fried paru was ok, but then it could have used a little more salt
My nasi ulam was fine, with the potent sambal being the highlight of the dish

It was not all that bad, but was not great either. What I liked about the place was the nice and cozy ambiance.

So if you want Malaysian dishes toned down to perhaps suit the tourists or the many expats that roam this area, this is the place for you.  


  1. Hello Idza Hajar ! Thanks so much for posting about us. We take your blog post seriously and use it to help us continuously improve Poyo. Hope to see you again @ Poyo ! :)

  2. hi guys, will definitely drop by again! thanks for taking time out to read this post!