Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pepper Raz's, Solaris Dutamas

Farah Shu and I ended up at this place when we were just walking around, looking for a new place to eat.

This was what we ordered

They gave us some poppadoms with a mint dip while we were waiting for our order 

The assorted bread basket we ordered.. bread was fluffy and delicious 

This was Farah Shu's mushroom. It was absolutely delicious

Paneer Butter Masala (yummy and very unhealthy). Hehe 

 My chicken tikka was moist and full of flavour
Dhall. I'm not a fan so I did not eat any.

The total came up to about RM80++ plus drinks. The food was absolutely delicious but the servings were rather big, I think it was enough for four persons and not just us 2. Anyways, farah shu ended up taking them home to her mum sbb banyak leftovers.

I would definitely come again. 

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