Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Me and the Music

I have always been an avid music fan. Those who went to UITM with me will know this. Back then (darn it, was it that long ago?) they were no mp3 players or they were just too pricey (Nenda refused to buy me one I think) so I brought along my casette player and a barrage of cassettes to law school.

It was not uncommon for the person sitting next to me to be so annoyed because the music coming from my earphones was just too loud. It was also not uncommon for me to drop the cassettes in my folder on the floor as I was switching cassettes during lectures (sorry, unimates!).

I listen to all types of music, so long as it touches me. I have come a long way from my Uni days and no longer carry cassettes around. But I buy cd's when I think the music is something which I like. Recently I bought these 2 cd's:-

I have been a longtime fan of Britney, I mean say what you want but she has defined the music of my generation. Her first single, Hit Me Baby One More Time came out when I was in my early teens and I have loved her songs ever since. But this album is strictly for the clubbers out there. I expected a mix of fast beats and slow ballads, but there was none. It was just a fast paced album throughout. In that sense, I loved her previous album 'Blackout' so much more.

I am not a GLEEK and do not really watch the show, but I have to admit that I like the warblers and their version of 'Teenage Dream'. I also like Glee's version of lucky and some other songs as well. So I bought this CD.

But the best music which I have heard from so far comes from this album:-

This is Adele 21. I just took a pic of the back cover just to show you the songs. What a voice!! But as I was comparing the songs she sang live on youtube and the way she sounded on her album, I must say that her live singing is so much better!. My and Bonda promised each other that if Adele ever comes to Malaysia, we will go and watch her! haha, my 1st and only concert which I will ever go to! Haha.

So please Adele, please come to Malaysia!!!


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