Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On the Table, Solaris Dutamas

If you are a fan of flogs (food blogs) you know that there has been nothing but praises for On The Table with the head chef being Ridz Redzuan, Chef Wan's son.

I have been here quite a lot because I work in Solaris Dutamas, and I have to tell you, this is absolutely true.

When I went there for dinner with Farah Shu, a colleague of mine. They were having some kind of dinner promotion. Buy one main course from their menu, choose another main course offered in their promotion for free!!!

So my friend chose the Basciola and I choose the TT Texas Burger.

I am bugged because I can't post the pics up all of a sudden.

But the food was good! I have eaten the Basciola time and time again here and am never disappointed and the TT Texas Burger was juicy on the inside.

It was just a great eating experience. Will come again, as usual.

Will upload the pic once this blogger thing works again. Shesshh I promise...


  1. Very disappointing with the food. We tried Taglitelle Frutti Di Mare and Mussel Carbonara. The mussels were made from the frozen / cooked half shell and they were awfully dry. Forget about the pasta as prawns were smelly and squid not cooked. We just finnished the pasta with the sauce and left all the seafood there! We walked in with a smile and left without saying anything to each other. It was a big mistake!

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