Thursday, June 23, 2011

Excuse Me!!


I forgot to tell you guys about an incident which totally pissed me off on Saturday.

I was there to pick up my in laws balik dari umrah.

Aries, being the smarty pants (and perhaps too used to be able to park anywhere he wants in JB without repercussions [do not ask me why]) parked at the drop off place at KLIA while he looked for the in laws.

Airiel was sleeping on my lap.

Suddenly pak cik p*&%s ketuk my car. I wind down the windows and the pakcik p)&^s bellowed (and i mean bellowed and for this reason only I shall be using caps lock in my fonts to represent how he spoke) "AWAK BOLEH BAWAK KERETE KER? LAKI AWAK MANA? AWAK TAK BOLEH PARKING SINI LAH!!!!"

To which I answered 'Sorry encik, hasben saya parking sini sekejap saja sbb nak ambil mertua saya balik umrah, saya call sekarang suruh dia gerakkan, jap ye encik'

And you know what pakcik p^%$s said? He bellowed "SAYA TAK KISAH APA SEBAB AWAK PARKING SINI, UMRAH TAK UMRAH, SILA JALAN!!"

Sial punya pakcik p$#%s, his bellowing woke Airiel up!. I lost my temper and told him 'I already called my husband to move the car, what about the 1000 cars that has parked behind me and in front of me, why dont you tell them move? why do you have to scream so loud so as to awaken my son, why don't you have any manners at all?'. And he just blinked and started getting angry (on top of the already angry shouting). Ehhh please lah, so you're a c!@, you're not used to having people talk back is it? You're used to having people so deadly afraid of you, begging you, pleading for your mercy? Tolongla jangan saman tuan...tolongla this, tolongla that... so you can sesuka hati jerit kat seorang ibu yang sedang menidurkan anaknye ke? Kalau isteri kau yang kene baru kau tahu.

Weii, tak matila aku kena saman dgn ko pun, aku memang suka contribute duit kepada raja (and by that I mean the collossal new palace the government is building, I mean itu memang duit cukai dan saman aku la kann) dan negara.

And then Aries came, and the c@$ was babbling at Aries. And then Aries actually said to me 'Jangan nak cakap macam org pandai dengan p^%$#, jangan nak pepandai, Cakapla elok-elok'

And I was like, what the fish? First of all, he was the one who parked at the drop off which I would never do. Always park at the car park to avoid this from ever happening.

Second of all, the #$%@^&man was downright RUDE. I know it was wrong to park there. I told you elok elok I would move the car, why the FISH would you need to scream to me for sampai bangunkan budak kecik dari tido? TAK BOLEH CAKAP ELOK ELOK KE WEII? MAK BAPAK TAK AJAR NAK CAKAP BERSOPAN KE? You want people to be polite to you, you have to be polite to them as well la kan. Ain't a one way street mister.

You know if I was a ^%P or some D#@ or some shit like that, I know for a FACT that the treatment would be a 180. They'd probably call me Puan and kiss the freakin ground I walk on.

Blardy hell.

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