Monday, May 2, 2011

Labour Day Post

Am much happier... I got my glasses on Saturday...

So my vision is crystal clear, no more wearing just one side of my contact lens and driving around half blind.

Managed to watch Thor, it was a fun action movie and Thor was so hot half naked hahahaha....

I was really impressed with LHDN as I have already received my income tax refund! Now, that is enough to bring a smile to my face. Well done LHDN! That is what I call efficiency!

Other than that, things have been busy. Am glad that a case we worked so hard on was successful, clients are happy and my 3 sleepless nights of drafting that 300 page submission paid off. On to the next one I say..

Am still figuring out a nice hotel to stay in Krabi. Any suggestions anyone?

Happy Labour Day! Not applicable to Bonda and Aries as they are 'bosses' not' labourers' anymore!

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