Sunday, May 29, 2011

Things that Matter

It was an exhausting weekend.

Airiel's nanny took the weekend off. So me and Aries had to run all our errands with Airiel in tow.

Too many things to do...and my, oh so little time to do them. Banks and more banks to withdraw RM, transfer RM...bayar bills here and there. And even then, masih ada errands yang tertunggak.

I picked up my baju raya from the tailor... wehheee, it looks gorgeous...! Berbaloi menghabiskan RM dan RM on it hehe.

Now, just the baju for Aries and Airiel when its closer to Raya.

On another note, rasa lega sangat bila dapat tunaikan niat nak hantar my MIL and FIL untuk umrah. Insyaallah, 2 minggu lagi they will be on their way to Tanah Suci.

Semoga murah lagi rezeki kita Aries *grin*. Can you believe dulu kita berdua bersusah payah tiada langsung RM masa study? Look how far we have come?

Despite the crazy weekend, I managed to fall in love with both of my boys again.

I can't help myself...Can you blame me hehe? Thank you for this happiness...ya Allah

This maybe my only post this week. A busy schedule lies ahead. We will see..

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