Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekie - Pulau Perhentian

It was a long weekend for me as I took Monday off.

I went and travelled to mars to meet the in laws and off we went to Perhentian Island!

It was just a one night stay but it was loads of fun. To avoid the crowd, we went to Pulau Perhentian Kecil and stayed at the Sha Rila

As the trip was not planned ( Aries is spontaneous in this kind of thing), there were no normal rooms left. We had to take the VIP suite and the Suite but since we were locals, we got a special price. The VIP Suite was huge and the view was breathtaking. Ok, my pictures suck but whatever

The Suite was quite spacious as well.

Hubs and I and FIL and BIL went snorkeling and it was really fun! Although I was seasick halfway (since it was an impromptu trip, tak sempat nak beli sea sickness pills). The mat salleh was looking at me weird cause I was snorkeling with my tudung on. Hehehe.

Food was ok, seafood was nice but insanely overpriced (although as locals we got the food cheaper than the tourists).

Anyways, it was just a 1 night trip  so all that we did was snorkel. Airiel was dead scared of mandi manda, but during this trip, he came out of his shell and actually quite enjoyed being in the water!. In the morning before we left, we took him to the Romantic Beach and he had fun with Aries. The water was so beautiful!!

And we took the 12 o'clock boat for home. It was such a fun trip!

Here is to more trips like this Aries!!

Can't wait for Krabi!!

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