Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bag Dillemma

Work is crazy this week for both me and Aries.

I have opinions, submissions for the mega appeal from the mega trial, submissions for other appeals, hearings on Thursday and Friday and I'm just getting started...

Aries ada hearing hari-hari, although he still has time to play golf lepastu...shesshhhh. Bz bos and kuli lain skitlah kan. Me being the kuli and Aries as his own boss (jelesnye).

So blogging is absolutely necessary to retain my sanity.

Ok, have you guys seen the Airasia 10 cents deal? Hehe, am definitely gonna get some tickets. Where to? Not sure yet, have to get instructions from Aries. But London is like RM550 jer! Wah Wah, am so excited.

Now, my Mia (purple handbag) is in such bad shape. The stitching for the zipper has come slightly undone, berbulu plak kat tempat stitching tu. I know I put a lot of stress on my Mia because I put absolutely everything in there and I take it everywhere, I hate switching handbags and I use mine until rosak before I buy another one and I am not the collecting type.

So, in light of the current status of my Mia, I am now officially looking for another bag. Thinking of Kate Spade this time around. The bags are just so super cute!

Aren't these just divinely cute? Look at the polka dotty insides! Hehehe. I found a Cole Haan bag which I quite liked as well

Love the light shade of pink! Ohh, what a way to make the heart flutter! and the weave is just so cute!!

As the prices are reasonable, should I just buy all three? (I can imagine mata Aries yg terjojol bila baca statement ni - sabar ye suami?). But that would be contrary to my statement above that I am NOT a collector of bags hahaha. So maybe not (Well, isn't someone relieved betul tak? heheh).

Dear heart, please stop beating so fast hehe. hummnnn...decisions decisions...what shall it be friends?

Want to help me decide? Drop me a line because I am confused!!


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