Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Perils of Being a Wife These Days...

Read the yahoo malaysia news and wow, a wife has been stabbed for waking her husband up for subuh prayers!

My word, and then I also read that a man brought a woman to his clinic which he claims to be his wife ran away when the doctor pronounced her dead. Apparently there were strangulation marks around her neck.

Ayoyo, the perils of being a wife.

Itu tak termasuk other perils which includes but is not limited to;-

- Having the girlfriend of your husband call you up and scold you sbb she was getting dumped and dia rasa tak puas hati and she wants you to seek 'justice' for her (apakah?);

- In laws yg horror (and I tell you, I have heard all of them stories from the friends);

- Finding out your husband is gay and hearing him tell you "I was born in the wrong body" or something like that;

- Having a husband that beats you up and calls you 'derhaka' when you try to defend yourself;

- A husband who asks you to pay your own zakat fitrah (for real! this happened to Bonda's friend); and

- A husband who asks you this when you mintak duit belanja skit "Apa jadi dgn gaji hang yg bebanyak tu?"

Sheesh, ustaz kata senang jer nak masuk syurga kalau perempuan, taat je kepada suami. I once asked an ustaz who said that 'is it really that easy? have you seen how men have been acting lately?' and I proceeded to say the things that happened in the above list.

Obviously the ustaz was speechless afterwards.

I think it is clear that taat kepada suami itu suatu ujian yg sangat berat untuk seseorang isteri untuk penuhi, and that is why if women are able to do that, they can go straight to heaven, because it is just something which is so hard to fulfill. That is what I think.

I thank God I have a husband which I love enough to strive to be the best wife I can be to him. And I shall keep on trying. Hope Aries knows that hehe.

NO stabbing please! hahahaha

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