Thursday, May 12, 2011

Otak-Otak Place

Believe it or not, I am blogging from Court.

I bought my trusty mackie with me to Court because I bring my mackie to the office every day so that I can listen to my fave music while I am working (unimates will know that I MUST listen to music to be productive hehehe). Since i'm in Court, I can't leave the mackie in my car kan? So I am lugging it around today. Since going to court is all about waiting, might is as well blog right?

Anyways, last week we ate at Otak-otak place in Tropicana City Mall. The place was packed and service was slightly slow. But the place is great because when you enter the place, it brings you back to the memories of your childhood.

Roti Milo Susu... takes me back to my childhood days when I used to eat these 

Yummy Roti Milo 

They put an old bicycle on their roof, right over our heads 

 This was Aries' nasi goreng kampung or something

Barbeque chicken rice for me 

I did not like the spring rolls 

The yummy chicken rice. I did not like the chicken but loved the rice.

Sorry about the pics. My bb cam sucks and it would not load in iphoto so I had no idea how to turn them around.

Food was alright, would come here again. Jgn lupa try guys! But beware the place is always packed during lunch!

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