Monday, November 1, 2010

My weekend

It's been a while since there was a proper update on my weekend activities, food and all..

Will try do that today..

On Saturday, Aries wanted to have brunch at my workplace.. we were on our way to Oxford's to get his court shirts.

So I took him to Pink Sage Diner..I always go here for tea with a colleague at the office.

We were hungry so terlupa amik gambar ..bila halfway nak abes baru ingat..

 My 'greasy' breakfast and peach coke

Aries' fried chicken

I like the food there, tapi being at Solaris Dutamas, everything seems a bit overpriced lah..

Aries tetibe nak beli tiket kapalterbang to go balik Kelantan this Deepavali weekend (just when I thought I wanted a time out and just relax tp... takpelah) so that concluded the Saturday..

On Sunday I wanted to go survey nak beli kasut court. After watching the Takers movie (Note: Solid cast, plenty of action but a weak storyline) I could not find my shoes still, so teman Aries pergi tengok watch .. last-last we bought this..

Aries' new toy

Takde nasibla nak beli kasut mcmni..Sheesh..

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