Sunday, November 28, 2010

Premium Beautiful - Part 1

Hi all, I think this will be the 1st of the many posts I am going to have on my experience with Premium Beautiful...

I was first intrigued by the Corset when Kak Lily started writing about it in her blog.

Doing what any sensible women of the 21st century would to find more info.. I googled this thing up..

This is where I met Kak Ema. Her blog is here..

I left her a message in her chatbox and she called me up. She was living near the Subang area and we agreed to meet up for a fitting the next day.

After taking my measurements, I was fitted with 3 items which make up the Premium Beautiful set which are:-

1. Girdle;
2. Long Bra; and
3. Bengkung

Aries almost fainted when he saw the price of the set which is 2k +...but sayang bini dengan terketar-ketarnye..dia membayar...haha *wink-thanks Aries*

Anyways, this set has a lifetime I sort of think, what the heck, lets just try this out..

I have been wearing PB for about a week now and I have to say....I can see a difference definitely..

1. My stretch marks are disappearing;
2. The flab on my tummy is almost gone; and
3. I have lost 1 kilo (this is just from 1 week of wearing this corset).

I am happy but i have to say this though...people ask it comfortable? I have to be honest and say..well, it is not as comfortable as not wearing a corset..if you know what I mean.

But if you intend on losing weight..and get back into shape, and you're to damn lazy to might as well try this out.  After 2 days of wearing the corset, you would have become so used to wearing it, you would not even notice that you are wearing one. For tips on how to go to the bathroom, please PM me or leave a comment here and I can help you out.

For those who are interested in buying this corset, you can also PM me or leave me a comment and I will refer you to my Kak Ema. Or of course, you can straight away click on the link above and contact her directly.

I will keep you updated on my progress...

Next up..weekend happenings..


P.S Until I get my mackie back from the hospie, this blog will have to look like this for a little while longer...planning a revamp real soon!!! Ohh...and to my followers, sudilah follow sori terdelete you all aritu..huggsss


  1. Been there done that! i mean e good side on wearing pb!heeee~

    i da pakai since 13 nov 2010 and now dgn tabiat mkn 5 kali sehari, alhamdulillah berat makin turun. As at todate, i am 53-54 kilos!

    Ask aries how i look like 2+ years back. I was all flabby and dompot(read as GEMOK PENDEK. Erk? Hehe)

    Not that i am getting taller now, but, obviously, i am getting thinner.


    Regards to aries!

    P/s : Been ur silent reader selama ni. Tp, topik on pb terlampau menarik perhatian! Ehehehe

  2. Hi Dura..

    Hehe, sgt suka share experience pasal PB ni. Takyahlah nak jadi silent reader lagi..follow je blog iza kay?

    Will send my regards to Aries!!


  3. hum. mcm menarik gak PB. Tapi cam mahal sangat kot. hurm. tah, tengah pk. hee.
    ok. i foloowwwwwww ;p

  4. kak Thalha, iza rasa investment yg sgt berbaloi.
    Tapi jgnla byr sendiri...minta encik suami lah yg belanja..sebab kita ni nak cantik pon untuk dia kan???? hehehe

  5. Anonymous : Ramai yg bayar ansuran...iza je yg byr cash sebab malas nak berhutang. Nak pergi toilet senang je. Tapi ad stap dia:-

    1. tanggalkan 3 cangkuk terbawah bengkung; and
    2. Dari space yg ada sebab bukak 3 cangkuk bengkung tu, tarik girdle ke bawah mcm biasa.

    Senang kan..? selamat mencuba!!

  6. Idza!! Huhu nape tak beli dari akak? Ade diskaun banyak lagi..harga tak sampai 2k. Hehe..takpelah. Benda baik..Memang bagus pakai. Dah bukan rezeki nak jual kat Idza. Leh la kita share sama2 experience ni. Izinkan akak share link ke post idza ni untuk share testimoni idza dengan buyer akak ye..? leh tak?
    akak dah turun 3 kg lepas 2 minggu. CM pun dah banyak hilang. Best kan? :) Thanks idza sebab support my blog *wink*

  7. kak lily, time tu ingat kak lily pakai je and tak jual...hehe, tulah..

    Silalah share..benda baik patut dikongsi...hehe

  8. Hehe.

    Terpaling suka tgk how u list online blog kat belah kanan ni. Hehe