Monday, November 22, 2010

Bye bye Firefly

Last week marked the end of the once 'beautiful' relationship me and Aries shared with Firefly*z, Malaysia's community airline..or so they say.

With arrivals at Subang Airport (some 2 mins away from my place) and the reasonable price tag, Firefly*z was hands down our favourite airline to travel to and fro from JB to KL. Keyword here is 'WAS'

Unfortunately, last week. Whilst buying tickets to and from JB, we were informed that the overall price for Firefly*z tickets to and from can reach upwards of 500 smackaronies. Yes guys, firefly*z has outdone itself this time around. It has shot itself in the foot by raising the prices of its tickets yet again...

So with a sad look in our eyes, we turned over to the Airas*ia counter and bought our tickets, we were pleasantly surprised to know how cheap it was, costing less than half of what Firefly*z was charging...

LCCT is far away..Yes, but after making calculations for the oil, was still way,way cheaper than paying for the Firefly*z tickets.

Was surveying tickets for this weekend, checkout the prices:-

400 + tau 

And the choice is obvious...

Sorry firefly*z but you have lost me and Aries as a customer for good. It was good while it lasted but I need to make financially intelligent choices and your prices just do not make sense anymore.

Bye bye 

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