Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aidiladha in JB

Aries tak dapat I came down to JB instead..Airiel pulak raya di KL bersama nenda, bonda and atuk...

Alangkah sunyinya beraya berdua sahaja...

Have not been to JB in quite a while...and during my 2 day 1 night stint, I immediately remembered why I left in the first place...

We went to watch Harry Potter and believe it or not, these things happened inside the cinema:-

1.  2 sets of parents brought their babies into the cinema...the babies could not have been more than 2 months old from the looks of it.  Whenever there was a dramatic scene, the babies would be disturbed by the loud sounds and cry. I mean, I ain't no doctor but I would have thought that exposing such loud sounds to barely 2 months old babies would damage their hearing... when i just got pregnant in JB, i remember going to a movie and seeing the same this the norm here?

2.  Just before the movie started an older chinese woman and younger chinese male teenager who was seated side by side got themselves into a heated argument... it was so bad that the woman was screaming obscenities and the male kept screaming 'shut up'. I felt like screaming myself; and

3.  The movie attendants actually asked me for my ticket in the middle of the movie because 2 teens claim we took their seats. I was so angry. I asked the attendant to check their tickets first...but NO, he still wanted to take mine. When he checked theirs (which he should have done first anyway) he found that the movie tickets they bought was for the 12.15 movie while mine was at 11.45. Idiot!!! Andthese teens came in at 12.15 claiming we took their seats. Helo tak baca tiket sendiri ke ngok!!!

4.  In the rush to find my movie tickets which was buried somewhere inside my huge handbag..I dropped the parking ticket and Aries ended up having to pay 25 for the lost ticket..!!!

ONLY IN JB I tell you!!!!

Aside from remembering why I hate the place, I also remembered the parts that made the place bearable i.e. the FOOD!!!


Botak's Place

As I was flying back home to my Airiel, I saw the most breathtaking view from the plane (taken with my Iphone):-

"Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?..."
[Surah Ar- Rahman 55:58]


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