Sunday, November 21, 2010

Early anniversary present....

I am currently blogging from my Iphone. Airiel rosakkan mackie (my beloved macbook) so its currently at an apple hospital... sob sob. Nenda plak tgh pakai spare laptop so I can't use it plak. Sigh...

But not having my laptop has given me perspective...I am currently reading a book, something I have stopped doing since Airiel was born...and it feels great..

That said, this post is actually for Aries... so here goes.

Aries, I know our 3rd anniversary is still 8 days away, but it falls on a Tuesday and I have a trial on that day and won't be able to come down to celebrate. I know you have a very busy schedule too. So we won't be able to celebrate the night you promised my father that you would take care of me for the rest of my life, the night you took an oath before God to take me as your wife.

I thought of surprising you much later, tp dah kebetulan masuk kedai, so apa salahnye kan?

Airiel pun masuk gamba sekali..hehe

Aries and the pressies...

Hope you like them Aries..

Hehe, which begs the question... what is my anniversary present?

Ssshhh..nanti...tak siap lagi...tapi I'll give you guys a clue.. it's a 'Triple Excellent"... *grin*

P.S - This is not perfect, but this is love and Aries, I love you...truly, madly, deeply. Happy pre-3rd anniversary. 


  1. erkkk is that a driver and a putter?
    he's taking up golf?????
    good luck sweetie!

  2. yuppp...he's been crazy about it since last year...if you can't beat em...join em!!!