Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Simple question ...Tricky answer

Someone asked me "nape asyik pakai tudung bawal je..nape tak pakai tudung stail baru skrang, macam I ni ha?"

I wanted to answer but kept quiet and just smiled.. Truth is, I was afraid that my answer would offend her..and perhaps 90% of my friends who wear these new fashionable hijabs.

I admit they are pretty.

I admit they look ultra fashionable.

But I also have to admit that I do not think that they truly 'menutup aurat' for me. There... I said it. Ish tolongla jangan marah saya kawan kawan... just my personal opinion ok.

Sebenarnya, tudung bawal pun kalau lipat salah, nampak dada dan segala bonjolan..pun tak menutup aurat jugak.

If you notice me, I never wear my tudung bawal in any fashion, just straight kedepan tanpa lipatan atau pusing sana sini.. there is a reason for that. Tak mahu nampak bentuk boobies..

Ish.. tapi ntahla.. appropriate ke post kali ni. Tapi itulah jawapan nye. Sebab kebanyakan tudung gitu macam pendek and tak cover chest area. Tulah..

Ish..napela ada org tanya soalan camni .. kan dah kena tulis dlm blog? Ampun ye kenkawan, iza tak kisah sebenarnya, cuma tak suka org paksa paksa me pakai tudung yg kita tak mahu pakai atas alasan fesyen.

I have my own views on this issue. But I wont impose it on others..just on myself.


Mcm merapu lak..



  1. salam idza

    i am han. i dropped comment here before dont know whether you remember.but i hope you do :)

    i wear tudung bawal as well, but i got remarks from my boss saying that it is not in style. most of the time im not bothered but whe you work with people with that sort of mentality, it runs you down, at times. but i am glad there are people out there who thinks like me:)

    anyways, just a quick question.i hope you can enlighten a freshie lawyer like me. u mentioned numerous of times about how passionate you are about being a lawyer. i mean, how to become one? do you think work evironment has got anything to do with your passion?i mean i like being a litigator but something is really pulling me down. read:firm. or am i just giving myself excuses.

    i am contemplating looking for a better firm but i am not sure.

    nways, i am sorry taht i had to ask you, being a stranger and everything, i just want to know your opinion. thanks in advance.

  2. Hi han, I do remember your comment a while for the passion part, I would have to say that the firm you are working in plays a big part inhow motivated you are to work. I mean, as much as you love your would want to be paid commensurately..who wants to work for free or be underpaid right? And then there is the environment, your boss, your colleagues and the facilities in the office. I once practised in JB for 5 months in the crappiest firm I know. I had great colleagues but my boss was a bitch..and calling her that would be an understatement on my part. And i did conveyancing which I am sure is fine for lawyers out there who love it, but not for me because I hated it with every fibre of my being. So I left...

    I am lucky now to have kind bosses and a job which I actually look forward to go to everyday..

    I cannot tell you whether you are passionate or not, or whether it is something else. I think ultimately that is for you to find decide but I just wanted to say that I have been in the position that you are and I know how it feels.

    If you feel like you deserve better or want something different, leave. I know that takes courage..but you will feel better once it is done. At least you would have the satisfaction of knowing that you have been true to yourself.

    I wish you good luck.

  3. thank you so much

    you are right. indeed it takes courage. i have been dreading myself to quit but at the same time i do not want to be a quitter. i dont like to see myself as someone who gives up a challenge. jatuh standard budak itm.heheh

    but day after day, it is just not worth it anymore.

    thank you, really appreciate that.

    best regards