Sunday, November 14, 2010

Going soy...inter alia

This weekend was a profound one on me...

I have managed to talk to Aries about some issues between us and I feel so relieved.

He was trying to pujuk me by taking me to Bora Asmara on Saturday night..but the place was booked for a wedding. We ended up at Tony Roma's in the Curve instead..

Kickin Shrimp

The starter was the only thing we liked, my lamb chops lacked seasoning and hubs said he did not like his ribs and that his side dishes were was a disappointment. I took pics tapi mcm dah takde dlm fon, maybe Airiel dah padam.

On Sunday, we went to Mid Valley to buy my anniversary pressie. Bought my SKII toner and was scouting around for a blazer but could not find one I liked. Went to buy the pressie!! hehe..hope it will be ready before anniversary date. Anyways...

Bought Airiel his first.....

Golf Set hehe!!!!

Ohh, in Mid Valley and Gardens, we ate at Belanga I think..

Aries' nasi kerabu daging 

Me nasi kerabu ayam 

My soya grass jelly and Aries' bloody goody (yes, that was the name of the drink)

There was a snack 'keropok lekor black pepper' which sedap gile tapi takde gamber sebab habis makan dulu. Keh keh. Prices for the food was not really cheap though... 

I have decided that from now on, all coffee I buy, I would substitute milk with soy milk. harap takkan  menggemukkan la kan...hence the title of this post. 

Ohh, I am also in love with the smell of Calvin Klein's new fragrance, "Beauty". Despite the fact dah byk sgt perfume sampai tak terpakai-pakai...

Ish..esok nak puasa sunat...jom!!!

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