Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Boycott Israel 2014 - Part 2

"Despair is typical of those who do not understand the causes of evil, see no way out, and are incapable of struggle" ~ Vladimir Lenin

My dearest angel Aisha,

My heart bleeds for you and for the land you call home. Sacred to many it is. So much so, it has caused endless bloodshed. So much so, it cost you yours. When you died, a portion of my heart was taken away, broken by grief, never to be the same again.

You taught me that I can love a child, not of my flesh and blood as much as I would love my own. You taught me never to be afraid of death, because you said it was inevitable and because there is a life beyond it. You taught me to love, cherish and appreciate my country and home because you and your brethren in Palestine would give up everything to have what people in Malaysia take for granted, and that is 'peace'.

It was a sleepless night for me yesterday because I knew that it was rumoured that 3 Israeli soldiers have gone missing. They blame the Palestinians. 

The Israelis have vowed to kill a Palestinian every hour until these 3 are found. 

4 hours ago, the attacks have not ceased. I bite my nails and wait for news on the websites I follow. Electronic Intifada, Aman Palestin, Palestine Solidarity Campaign. 

My boycott remains strong Aisha. It has become my way of life. I check labels, read updates on the boycott in the BDS Campaign. 

Your blood runs in my veins, you are my family, the ties I have made and vowed to keep and I will not rest until your land is free. 

I remember asking you 'what do you want most from Ummi for your birthday?' to which you replied 'Your doa Ummi. Your doa. It is the most powerful weapon wielded by people here. I am not afraid to die. No one here is. I embrace it. It is a dream to me. What awaits me on the other side is 1000 thousand times better than whatever I have here. But I am not dead yet. So I shall live Ummi. Pray for my life, my land and pray for a glorious death for me if I should die'.

My family, my friends meet me and say 'Idza you are strong' after what I have been through. But you Aisha, you were courage personified. I was in awe. I felt ashamed. But most of all, I felt immense and overwhelming love towards you and the land you were willing to die for.

Readers, please join us. Here is where you can help:-







Aisha, I will  never forget.

Palestine will be free. On my blood and yours.

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