Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blue and Sparkly!

Hi guys,

I promised didn't I? Ok, ok, Huda my bestie is going to know that this is totally out of character because I absolutely hate jewelry. But I have to say since I got pregnant, I have been obsessed with everything sparkly, much to Aries' dismay. I mean, I hate shopping for everything else, but I LOVE looking at jewels!

Who would have thought!

Anyways to make me happy, Aries bought me a blue sparkly for my birthday and our upcoming anniversary in November.

Coincidentally, the above ring is set similar to Kate Middleton's ring! hahaha... I so feel like a princess now.

I am nuts about this jewelry shop Devnani Jewels. Their website is here. Awesome pieces for awesome prices as they were jewelry wholesalers before they opened their jewelry boutique. My male readers out there, go here to get presents for your other halves! You will be pleasantly surprised!.Aries definitely was!

Ok, have a good rest of the week. Hope this gives my readers some ideas on presents for birthdays and upcoming anniversaries!


  1. nice! bila u sebut blue and sparkly in your previous post, i ingat tiffany & co. :D

  2. izyan : Tiffany & Co sgtlah overpriced! Hanya org yg tak nak value for their money atau tak kisah byr for brand sahaja akan sanggup pergi sbb idza pun ada survey jugak. I judge by the stones.And I love this place izyan! Sgtlah pocket happy. My gift to my hubs from tods actually cost more than this ring hahaha...apakah?

  3. seriously??.. haha..
    confirm PINK PINK yang keluar nanti.. hohoho...

    hurmm..tapi ko mcm tak suke yang ' bling bling' ni.. huhu..

    GIRL with aries character? (^_^).. tak sabar sambut anak sedara baru..hehe..

    ~ hudaz

  4. memandangkan hadiah u kepada Aries lagi mahal, perhaps you should ask for another gift from him then? to make up for the amount. alang2 what! :D

  5. Idza,

    Loving the gorgeous blue gem! Precious indeed! Are you carrying a girl, sweets? :p

  6. Huda: Huhu, aku pun tak tahu apa dah jadi kat aku ni. Ko pun tahu aku tak suka barang kemas.

    Farah: don't now yet, im about 21 weeks, aritu scan tak nampak lagi.

    Izyan: Haha, maybe aku patut paksa gi JPO ke ape kan? hahaha

  7. Dana: Thanks! I am in love with it too! hehe