Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Women in Islam - Did You Know?

Hello everyone,

Have you heard about Malala Yousufzai and how she was shot by the Taliban because she was campaigning for women's education over on that side of the world? Nak pergi sekolah pun jadi isu ke org org puak Taliban ni?

Does it not infuriate you that in some places in this world, society uses religion, and Islam in particular to justify their own tribal/racial/cultural practices which oppresses women? And does it infuriate you even more to know that people have associated these practices to be one and the same/synonymous with Islam?

Do you want to know the true position and regard that Islam and our prophet s.a.w had for women? Lets go through the list of 'DO YOU KNOW?' for the day shall we?:-

1. You thought that the 1st movement for women was started by English ladies via the suffragettes? Did you know that the 1st women's group was started by a woman called Asma' Yazid Ansariyah during the prophet's time, thousands of years before the suffragettes existed? She was appointed to speak for the rights of women in Madinah during the prophet's rule and would often give her opinion in matters concerning and affecting women which the prophet would consider and listen to. In fact, the prophet was so conscious of women and their rights that he would allocate certain days out of the month just listening to issues plaguing and surrounding women.

2. You think Florence Nightingale was the first women who formed a nursing school and went around at night comforting men of war? Do you know that the first hospital and nursing school was actually formed by a woman named Rufaydah Al-Aslamiyah during the prophet's rule, thousand of years before the western world came out with such an idea? She was a medical doctor, a nurse and a renowned social worker, she taught other women of her time medical procedures and how to tend to men during the wars fought and defended by the prophet. The prophet in his recognition of her services actually set aside a portion of the proceeds of a particular war, perang khaibar if i'm not mistaken for the hospital and nursing school she had built?

3. You think it was the Western world who first afforded rights to women to join the military and fight in wars? Then you must have not heard of the 'Black Rider' have you? She was a female warrior who joined the men in wars for Islam. Her name was Khaulah Azur. Have you not heard of Nusaibah Kaab and how she fought alongside (not behind, beside ok?) the prophet, braver and fiercer than any man and protected him from injury until she was injured in 12 places herself, much to the alarm of the prophet who asked Nusaibah's son to come to her aid, which she of course just dismissed? Have you heard of Ummu Haram Milhan? She joined the Islamic navy force thousands of years before the Western world even half recognised the rights of women to fight!

4. Did you know the prophet had a personal assistant that was female? Her name was Laila Ghafariyah? She also joined him in wars and was a stand in nurse for the injured.

5. You know Imam Al-Bukhari, the famous perawi hadith sahih which hadith is often showcased on TV during prayer times tu . Well, did you know that his most famous and prolific teacher was a woman? Her name was Fatima Ibrahim Ibni Jowhar. She was the most famous teacher of hadith of her time and even had a teaching slot in Masjid Nabawi. People came from far and wide to hear her. Men, women and children, caliphs from all parts of the muslim world came to learn from her. Apa ada hal?

6. Who said Islam disallows having females learned in law? You obviously have not heard of Amrah Abdul Rahman, a renowned expert in law during her time and was even considered to be equal to the position of mufti's back in the day, so revered she was. Judges in islamic law back in the day consulted her and even retracted their sentences upon hearing her opinion as compiled case laws were not yet undertaken at the time. She had it all in her mind, this woman! MasyaAllah!

7. You think women these days have gone leaps and bounds in getting equality konon kan? Did you know that educated women back in the glory days of Islam even scolded caliphs when they did something wrong? Which would be our equivalent to the President these days? You obviously have not heard of Ummu Darda kan? She was a renowed teacher, hadith extraordinaire and was an ulama'.  She taught at Baitul Maqdis and another place (which is escaping my mind at the moment. Serius tak ingat). Anyways, she was the teacher to Khalifah Abdul Malik Al-Marwan. So beloved and respected was she by the khalifah that he would ensure that he personally came to take her home after her teaching sessions when she was too old to go home herself. And yes, she once scolded him for scolding a palace official because the servant was late in coming to him when he called.

8. Lets not even go in detail about Aisyah r.a. and how knowledgeable she was in fiqh, hadith and law. Did you know that after the prophet's death, she became the reference point and taught men, women and children alike about the Quran, fiqh, hadith and law as contained in the Quran?

So, what the hell are these Ta*iban peopl are doing, restricting a woman's right to an education man! The prophet encouraged, admired and advocated for the education of women! How can these people call themselves fighters of Islam? It is clear that they are just influenced by their tribal practices in oppressing women as opposed to really understanding what Islam advocates.

Remember my female readers, during the prophet's time and during the glory days of Islam, we women were MORE than equals, we were SPECIAL. We were educated, we were pioneers, we were movers and shakers and were never defined and/or restricted by our gender. We women were liberated long before the Western world ever grasped or understood the concept.

Do not let anybody tell you otherwise. When a chauvinistic man tells me what they think they know about the position of women in Islam is, I just grin...because you know what? I know BETTER.

You're a very brave girl Malala, may Allah s.w.t lead the way for your fight. And show these people what true Islam really is all about.

Have a good rest of the week everybody.


  1. Yes Ida, women back in the day held a very special position in our religion. I suppose sekolah agama time dulu had its advantages, I learned all this in Sirah!. Never listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. They are full of CRAP! hahaha

  2. thanks for sharing this. Mostly hus baru tahu.huhu.except the girl who got shot. Semoga dia panjang umur.

  3. Hus: Kesian Malala ni kan? Idza mmg tak paham konsep islam yg puak puak sana ikut time sekarang. Sgt jauh menyimpang, especially pasal fungsi dan kedudukan seorang wanita. They bring shame to Islam by tainting it with their tribal practices. Sungguh sedih.