Friday, October 19, 2012

Prenatal Spa - Dewi Sri Spa, Plaza Damas

Hello everyone. Its a FRIDAY! huhu

Anyways, I want to share with all my preggy readers out there that I have found an absolutely heavenly spa place that can do spa treatments for a preggy lady like me.

It's called Dewi Sri Spa at Plaza Damas.

The preggy treatments are not stated on their websites but when you call them and make an appointment, state that you are x months preggers and they will recommend and modify their massages to cater to your month of pregnancy.

I had the relaxing package which was for a full 3 hours at a bargain price of RM260 which I think is way cheaper than Khareyana spa 90 min prenatal massage for RM200. So I had a 90 min massage, a 60 min lulur and hair treatment for the remainder of the time (which you can switch to a facial).

It was so so relaxing! and my pregnancy aches are totally gone! Syiokk...

This is the link to the spa. Give it a try preggy friends!

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