Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Family Trip

I am so excited for this upcoming family trip.

I have not travelled at all since being preggers (JB doesn't count since it was for court). And I have been planning this family trip since last year.

Further to my angry rant on FB about a m&^%$%& in JB who fixed dates for trial in Aries' matter during my vaccay which was planned since last year (tak tahu ke practice direction yg kata you should fix dates ikut free dates counsel bukannya sesuka hati?), he's now out of the equation. So Aries tak dapatlah pergi ( I curse you, whoever you are. May your vaccays inevitably get ruined too).

I am honestly, very tired and in need of a break. Sekejap pun takpelah.

So of we go to....

(Ok, am not actually going to the island, just the bandarla, mak buyung masih loya loya di pagi hari)

I'll write when I get back.

Aries, Airiel and the rest of the familia is going to miss you loads!

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