Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hatten Hotel, Melaka

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to post some pics up about the hotel we stayed in our failed vaccay in Melaka. The hotel was new so we have no complaints. What I personally like is the fact that it has 2 flat screens inside and you have a sort of separate lounge area cum living space.

The concierge was so helpful. I was so thankful that one of them managed to find us a mechanic to get us into my locked car when it accidentally locked itself. That is definitely a plus!

Yupp, that's all the pics I managed to take folks...

Hari raya Aidiladha is coming up and yours truly akan balik Mars.

Jumpa lagi insyaAllah!

P.S - Huda balik mana ni?


  1. sama la kita.. balik kelate..
    lalu LPT , sedap sikit.. alhamdulillah tak jem


  2. Huda : Aku tak balik pun. Petang Jumaat tu ada court pastu hujan lebat pastu jem pastu matyie tak nak balik, penat katanya. Aku balik deepavali nanti