Friday, February 25, 2011

Shopping Wishlist

Okay, Friday always makes me want to shop.

I am busy...submissions yang horror sampai termimpi-mimpi tau...but mesti nak update jugak...

Because hati teringin nak beli ini, ini dan ini..!!!

 Ohhh, yang ini bukan di wishlist ye..? Ini dah terbeli opppss!!! Hehehe. Court attirelah, apa lagi

 I love this quirky looking bag from Cole Haan...a must in my wardrobe (kalaulah kan)

This pretty coach mini Maggie is in a delicious salmon shade colour, a limited edition for Breast Cancer awareness lovely kalau dapat beli... 

Macho tak kalau Airiel pakai sandal mcmni kuar jalan-jalan? 

Ahh, a black bag is a must but I have not had one for a while...but this Kristin Coach is pretty..!!! 

I want a Juicy Fluffy!!! Need I say more 

 Mesti hensem Airiel pakai pants reversible ni kan? 2 for the price of 1 gitu...!! hehe

Comelnye bag ini!! Love the rich shade of red! 

 I think this shade of green is pretty,, patutke beli?

Owhhh...apsal nafsu shopping naik dan naik lagi? huhu

P.S - All the pictures are credited to the blogshops and owners yea!! 

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