Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Premium Beautiful Part ? (lost count la plak)

Hi guys,

I don't wear PB during the day anymore...only at night. Time nak tido sampai pagi.

I realise that weight is not an issue for me anymore. I have lost all my preggy weight. Tapi it's the shape of my body that bothers me. The flabby tummy, stretch marks, flabby thighs. So am going to concentrate on that instead.

I also realised that PB somehow helps me sleep. For those who know me (yes, that would be you la Huda hehehe), I have struggled with getting a good night sleep for years.

But PB seems to really help.

Have bought some things online...so that will be my next post.

It is time to wake up and remember all the things that I have, instead of remembering what I have lost.

It is time to pick up  the pieces and move on.

Allah is with me....I know.

Thank you for the well wishes. It helps.

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