Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Please Grow Up

I am not getting it...

I am seeing a blog war???

The last time I saw this was for a case...YES, court case...defamation ... only that the people involved were spoiled, rich teen brats who had nothing better to do than comment how fat the other one is ...blah blah..

Even THEY managed to sort it out and sort off move on afterwards.

But we are not teens are we? Aren't we not in our late 20's going to 30?

One person writes a post, the other one does not agree and writes another post disagreeing, the one who write the original post takes it personally for some reason, retaliates and writes another post, the one who does not agree then writes another post on that and this has been going on for months and months!!!

And then it gets worse..they take it to facebook and twitter and friendster (still ada tu wooo)  and start having really mean status updates. Mulut macam s*al masing masing.

Sorry but I had to remove you guys from my bloglist because it was getting stupid. Yes STUPID. And remove you from my FB list or set my privacy setting, i stopped following you on twitter and remove you from friendster (i still have friendster hehe) on you guys berdua because really...REALLY, tak tahan ok.

For one, what one must understand when you blog is this:-

  • You publish a post and the world can read it. Yes the WORLD. Your mum, children, dad, grandma, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, people you have had an affair(s) with, your exes, the government, the FBI, CIA, loan sharks, lawyers, politicians, people you love, people you can't stand...they all can read it;
  • Chances are when you write your post containing your views, not everybody in this world would agree. There are just too many people in this world who have experienced life differently and how they have experienced it may affect how they view what you view differently;
  • If they disagree, DON'T take it personally, they disagree... so what? They are entitled to that. Unless they say something demeaning to you on a personal level like "She is so fat like a dugong" or "She looks like a man" or "OMG, he has tits" or "She is such s***" then that's just crappy la kan and memang nak kena la kan;
  • Why can't all of us act our age? Where does common courtesy of agreeing to disagree with respect go? If blogwars can get this nasty, can you imagine real life?

    Please grow up people!!! When one person or a slew of other people disagrees with you, it does not mean the whole world is against you. Not everybody is out to get you.

    People have moved on, grown up, gotten married, have kids, divorced, died... there are bigger things in life than "Oh my god, he/she is being mean to me on his/her blog and I feel so sorry for myself".

    If there is any discomfort or if you are offended by something because you do take it personally, do this:-

    • Ask the person whether they meant you, it might not refer to you at all so jangan nak syok sendiri. Get your facts straight. This happened to me and I almost lost a friend sebab salah faham;
    • Ask why they are making such lewd comments on your blog or in their blog and what is their problem;
    • Tell them you think it's inappropriate; and
    • If they don't stop, cut these people out of your life because you do not need these kind of people to bring you down.

    Please grow up...!!

    Paham paham sendiri lah ok?


    1. when i grow up lalalala pussicy cat doll