Saturday, February 5, 2011

'I feel like a mattress' and 'Maggi Ketam...'

Yes I do...

That's what I said yesterday to Aries on our 7 hour journey back from Mars.

"Abah, mama feels like a mattress"

Airiel, now almost 13 + kilos and already half mama's size was sleeping on her for 7 hours (ok, ok thank God he was sleeping instead of screaming his lungs out).

And then I think to myself. Where is the bloody highway for goodness sake? Don't Mars' citizens pay road tax just like you and me? I mean I'm sure if a highway was built, 99% of all of us (yes, I maybe an 'orang luar' but my Airiel is 'orang separuh dalam, separuh luar' mind you so I am going to say 'us') , I would pay for the bloody toll so that I would not have a freakin heart attack everytime Aries potong krete/lori dekat Bukit Tujuh Beradik or whatever it is called by the orang dalam.

The road is not comfortable for one, and what is worse its not safe. It's a freakin death trap laaa...and I mean, Aries bwk laju, so the journey is like 7 hours tops for us, sometimes 6, but a normal journey would take an average of 8 hours kan? Kalo jalan jem, it may even take 10 to 12 hours. That was what happened during raya last year to us. Uisshh, isn't 8 hours a ridiculous amount of time to spend in a car travelling? add crying babies and toddlers to the equation and there you go, a recipe for madness...!!!

Johor in kilometres is about the same km as Kota Bharu so imagine to cut-down in terms of travel time kalau ada highway? that's why I said i feel like a mattress, and I think being a tilam tak best.. Uisshh..

Anyways...enjoyed time with Aries and Airiel and in laws at Bukit Keluang, cancelled the trip to Pulau Perhentian sebab weather tak brape elok. pics ada kat FB. Ok,  maybe one pic lah here

Inilah heart and soul, aren't the waves insane? memang takleh mandi

Ok, no more jiwang...peristiwa heppi campur tragedi. while chasing Airiel, my Iphone jatuh dalam laut (drama, sebenarnya tercelup aje, tp still rosak...sob sob). Sekarang ada di iphone hospital. So I bought the Blackberry Torch as a spare phone. Ingat nak maintain 2 lines, one for work and one for familia and close friends after this, so ada presenting the new member of the red Blackberry Torch!!

I hereby name you 'Red'

What I really want to share here with you guys is a new food concoction I found in Mars.

May i present to you "Maggi Ketam"!!!  You can't see it from here but all the crabs have numbers written on em hehehe..

Airiel enter frame hehe, he has his own nasi putih and sup kosong 

 Tok Abah and Tok Mi enjoying the food

Airiel and his mango juice, yang ni fresh punye k? takde gula pun...hehe sedappp

Ok, this Maggi Ketam can be found at 'Rileks Cafe' in Kutan, Kota Bharu. It's a kedai tepi jalan so you can't miss it. I personally find the combination a bit weird, but hey...the taste is not bad. I want to warn you though, the prices are not cheap, for 4 maggi ketam, 6 drinks, nasi kosong, sup kosong and sup kosong bwk bungkus, the price was RM70 flat. In kelantan, that is like super expensive tau.

Trial next week, plus appeal hearings, plus submissions submissions. But I thank God for the vacation. Tenang sekali.

Happy CNY everyone!!!

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