Thursday, February 10, 2011

Online Shopping and SKII Part 3

Ok guys..

I am finally on the bandwagon for buying this kind of material for baju kurung... but you have to admit that this is quite pretty ehh?

This is from Butik Izis

How court appropriate!!... 6 other black and white baju kurung masih belum disiapkan oleh tailor I am all set for this year when it comes to court... 

And I promised that I would update on how SKII has worked for me. And yes, I am happy to share that after 27 years, I found the solution to my ultra dry skin!!!!

Just yesterday, I met a friend who I have not met in like 3 years since I left SD and he...'s a HE commented on how great my skin looked (No, he is not GAY ok?). Don't that just make your day? 

My skin does not flake anymore..  No more uneven skin tones. And I dare say my dry skin on the face has been completely eliminated due to this product:-

I must warn you that SKII products are never cheap but for problematic skin (and by that I mean dry-really dry ..I do not have pimples or anything), but it works for me. So you guys should really give it a try.

And plus, Aries yang bayar untuk isteri kelihatan cantik bukan? Hehe

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