Monday, October 18, 2010


Me and Aries have a new obsession currently.


What does that mean?

Vacations on a weekend.

We do not have time for long holidays except maybe in December of every year. This year maybe tak dapat ke mana sgt sebab Nenda and Atok Airiel nak pergi umrah so there goes. Anyways, and because of that we always put off vacations. After putting off too many plans, we decided that what the heck, lets go take Airiel and spend time and have fun, even on a weekend, which means 2D/1N kind of thing.

Better that than nothing right?

So that was why we went to the Legend Water Chalet in PD haritu (piccies are in my FB).

This weekend insyaAllah pergi Genting plak.

So at the moment, I am surveying other places where we can go for a 2D/1N vacay sort of thing.

Places that are on my list at the moment:-

1. Port Dickson (maybe avillion plak next time);

2. Genting (going this weekend)

3. Colmar Tropicale at Bukit Tinggi;

4. Cameron Highlands (any suggestions on the places guys?);

5. ???? Any more suggestions guys?

The trick is the places must not be so far away so as to take up too much travelling time because we just want to go an vacay for one night je kan?

Suggestions are welcome!!

Hehe. Can also PM me. Most of you all do PM me instead of leaving comments here..hehe


  1. pi taiping la weh hahha. got zoo some more. and i seriously think taiping zoo is much much better than zoo negara. 3 hours drive je pun, bukan jauh.

  2. ida, 3 jam tu jauh gak aaa..ada hotel best tak kat taiping?

  3. pergi Melaka. food best, jalan2 pun best. dekat pun ye gak.

  4. hotel paling baru is directly facing the lake garden. ape ke namanya...ssl traders kut. ke flemington. antara 2 tu laa aku pun tak igt. dari luar nampak mcm bes. the good thing bout taiping is, u can tawaf the whole town simply in 1 day and u boleh khatam semua tourist spot. hahaha.

  5. izyan : hmmm...good idea

    ida : hehe, suggestion anda akan dipertimbangkan

  6. try TAMBUN LOST WORLD, IPOH// ada hot spring//zoo//theme park//