Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun fun and then some..

It was a fun fun weekend !!

Me, Aries and Airiel went for a weekie at Genting and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves..

It was raining outside so we just opted for the indoor themepark. It was just for Airiel anyway..we were not going on any rides ourselves..maybe someday ehhh Aries?

We left early on Sunday sebab ingat nak shopping cari baju round collar for Aries tp kedai tutup next week je la kan..

Anyways..rasa laparla stop by Las Carretas for tak byk,sbb rest of this pics in Aries punya phone.. mana yg aderjela ok?

 Free Nachos

Aries and his 'scandalous' drink

I will upload the pics for my main course by end of next week. Ohhh, am still thinking on the bag I want to order...

Will upload the pic of the bag when I decide.

Meanwhile, Aries' rezeki bertambah tambah di sana. And the questions are beginning to pop up on a weekly basis.. "Tak nak pindah JB ke?'

Aduhh...I am torn. I hate that place (no offense to Johoreans, this is just my personal view). I absolutely abhor it.

The many Singaporeans who act like they own the place, strutting around with their fake LV bags (hello, I did raids when I was in SD and can spot a fake LV bag a mile away ok?). 

Ish... tak mahu, tak suka...

But at the rate things are going, is Aries ever coming back? I do not know.

Sigh..decisions, decisions..


  1. Give JB a 2nd chance, Idza. I’ve been here for almost 2 years and it really is not that bad! Hehe. OK memanglah malls dia sangat kurang if compared to KL, but the place is OK and banyak juga eateries yang best for you & Aries to explore (because I know you’re a foodie). Kami belumpun habis explore semua tempat makan in JB. Hehe. Dan kalaupun semua yang lain tak best, you’ll have Aries right by your side! Weee!

    And the best thing, no KL-like traffic jams!!!

    Just sharing :D From a non-Johorean-currently-staying-in-JB to another non-Johorean-contemplating-whether-to-relocate-to-JB. Hehe. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Ntahla Am...pernah stay, dah tahu tak suka...tak tahu mcmmana nak menyukakan kembali..sigh