Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yes.. Fana

That is the word that comes to mind when I think about life, love, position, money, fame ...name

The list goes on..

Getting sentimental in my old age...

While I was looking for a client's e-mail...I came across this

I keep this picture on my desk at work as a reminder to myself that nothing lasts forever... and I need to appreciate all the people around me.. that every second counts..

Aries has a message in his FB where Zack asked whether he wanted to meet up in JB. Aries did not respond, yerla time tu dia jarang masuk FB ni.. I know he regrets that... but its too little too late to change that...



  1. idza, akak tak kenal rapat pun dgn arwah zulkamal.. tapi sesekali terlintas terpikir pasal dia, or terbaca kat blog atau mana mana pasal dia.. terus rasa sebak.. orgnya baik.. bijak... sbb tu Allah sayang dia.. amik dia awal.. Alfatihah.

  2. itulah kak intan..ntahla..iza cuma rasa, death is very real, it could happen to people we know, we love, to ourself...sigh..takut nak pikir kadang kadang