Friday, March 19, 2010

Adhesion Colic

Sejak bersalin using c-sect ni..

I have had abdominal pain or somethin glike that..and memang sakit gila ok..rasa mcm nak matilaa..

Apparently I have been diagnosed with this..

Adhesion Colic
Adhesion colic is a form of chronic pain arising from movement of parts of the intestines which have partially “stuck” together, due to scar tissues that form as the body heals after an operation in the abdomen. It may occur after a relatively simple operation like an appendectomy, or after more major surgery like removal of the uterus or part of the intestine. People who have adhesion colic that is severe and recurrent often also have nervous systems that are over sensitive, resulting in pain from even normal bowel movements. In most cases, the attacks of colic are short lived; however, some may be very severe and prolonged and may be associated with other problems like vomiting. If the vomiting is persistant and there is constipation and swelling of the abdomen, you may need to see your doctor to make sure that you do not have intestinal obstruction. However in most cases, the attacks of colic are not dangerous and will subside after a while.

Many people with adhesion colic learn how to manage episodes of colic using non-drug techniques. However, in some people their pain levels may be very high and attacks may occur very often. In these cases, treatment with strong pain killers may be necessary – these include morphine-like drugs like tramadol, morphine and methadone which should be taken orally on a regular basis in order to prevent attacks of colic. Going for injections of pain killers only when there is strong pain is usually not a good idea as this is a short term solution for a chronic problem; with time, you will require higher doses of the pain medication, and you may find yourself going for injections more frequently.

Aduhai..kalau Tuhan nak uji tuh..memang diujiNya sungguh..

Sakitnye tak terkira..


Anyways my sis who is a doc told me that recent medical studies have shown that Gamat Healing and the likes actually contributes to this adhesion colic stuff.


Nak zuriat punya pasal..Nasib baik yang keluar comey ...



  1. ohh my, I don't have these even after 2 c-sec, mine ok je.. i hope this is temporary, kesiannya you..

    heard about gamat healing but not sure as to the effectiveness of that product. dulu i was forced to eat gamat lepas i c-sec, mcm tak ada effect pun, healing lama gile compare to the 2nd c-sec ( tak makan ubat gamat), healing 1-3 days sahaja after that dah tak sakit n boleh jalan macam biasa, tak sakit langsung anywhere.

  2. Tulah Dana..sometimes menggeletar sebab tahan sakit tahap maut..If ditakdirkan ceaser buat kali kedua, hopefully takde sis says the only way to solve the problem is to undergo surgery..tak mo aku!!! Yikes!

  3. Shafini : Thanks..let's hope so

  4. idza,
    i pun c-sect and i had ppl coaxing me to take gamat tu but luckily i refused! the reason i didnt is becoz i hv super sensitive skin, and if i ada wound, it heals better when i leave it alone. so i treated my c-sect wound like that. i really hope this situation of yours is not permanent and hope u will recover soon.

  5. Farah: Thanks. Not improving I'm afraid. Maybe akan terpaksa opt for c-sect jugak for next baby, because then they can correct the problem. But meanwhile, I would have to tolerate the pain, tp medication ada

  6. i had d same major pain lately. twice within a month. i wasnt told by my doc after my major abdominal surgery back in 2009. only now the pain started to come. only after receiving the injection the pain subsides. my body will be very weak, i couldn't even walk. and it took me 3-4 days to recover and able to walk as usual. even after taking ponsten the pain didnt subside. then only my doc told me it is a lifetime effect after hvng major abdominal surgery.

  7. assalamualaikum idza,

    Kak Maz pun pernah 2 kali c-sect (anak ke 6 & ke 7)... tahun 2011 (setelah anak ke 7 berusia hampir 15 tahun) baru terasa sakit... mula-mula Dr diagnose sebagai IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)... lama-lama Kak Maz notice, sakitnya mesti sebulan sekali... dalam masa yang sama, Gynea kata akak ada ovarian cyst, tapi tiap-tiap kali observe, lepas 2 bulan cyst tu dah hilang. maknanya dah pecahlah tu! so, surgeon tu diagnose sebagai Adhesion Colic... dia suruh undergo operation melalui kaedah Laparascopic Adhesiolysis. tapi husband akak tak setuju...

    Husband akak suruh berubat cara Islam... dahlah dikatakan Kak Maz terkena sihir! akak disuruh minum madu & pakai cincin yang dah diprogramkan dengan ayat-ayat Al-Quran... kalau sakit taklah kuat sangat... adalah 4 bulan. tapi hari ni sakitnya agak kuat sama seperti bulan Disember tahun lepas!! macam Idza kata, sakit gila!! hanya orang yang pernah mengalaminya sahaja yang tahu bagaimana rasa sakit ini....

  8. Maz: Berubat tradisional tiada salahnya tapi apa salahnya amalkan dua dua. Mmg kalau adhesion colic ni hanya ada satu cara je naik baik, iaitu bedah untuk betulkan semua parut kat dalam perut tu. Harap Maz tabah dan tetapkan pendirian untuk buat yang terbaik. Yang sakit kita bukan org lain jadi biarlah kita buat keputusan sendiri nak buat apa untuk baik.

  9. Salam. Ive been diagnosed with adhesion colic a couple years back . The pain is excruciating. Had my c sect in 2003 and 2004 but i only started to experience the pain a few years back - Faridah

  10. Hi, Faridah. After my second c-sect in February last year, nampaknya alhamdulillah semua dah ok. I dah tak sakit mcm dulu. Unfortunately, setakat yang I tahu memang sakit adhesion colic ni can only be corrected by another surgery. Huhu sakit.