Sunday, August 31, 2014

The 13 Online Shopping Websites I SWEAR by

"Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping" ~ Oscar Wilde

Hello readers,

It is Merdeka Day.

This post is written because of requests.

I shop online a lot for almost everything under the sun, so readers ask me my top websites where I do my shopping.

Here goes:-

13. Hulala

Gadgets here are awesome. I am currently crazy about their fitness equipment. Can be found here. Check it out.

12. Dealmates
Check out the details for Mydeal as it is powered by the came company now. It sells some branded bags which are pretty cool. For instance the deal for Prada is here.

11. Milkadeal

It has some really good deals on pretty much everything. For instance I am in love with these deals at the moment:-

~ Adjustable wardrobe with wheels at only RM247 here; and
~ A cute 20 inch luggage bag at only RM160 here.

10. MyDeal

I pretty much go to the Clearance section everytime I come here. My fave clearance deals are currently these:-

~ Akemi King Fitted Sheet Series for RM90 here
~ AkemiUchi Art Plant Toiletry Gift Set for RM39.90 here

9 . Zalora

Clothes and pretty much shoes and accessories are the staple here. There are some really good brands which I absolutely love and swear by. My absolute fave is Zalia. I bought like a bunch of their tops and dresses.

Just like Zalora, this website is about clothes, shoes and accessories. Some of the cutest muslim dresses are found here. Celebs like Nora Danish have collaborated with fashion valet.

7. Groupon

My most fave discount website ever. Simply because it has some of the best travel deals you can get your hands on and I am a Fernweh sufferer as those of you would know. And they have some of the wackiest activity groupon deals like this current skydiving deal here. Absolutely awesome.

6. Mysale

I absolutely love this website. It has flash sales from assorted brands happening at certain times. I have bought a number of jeans from james jeans and true religion here at rock bottom prices. My current fave sale they are holding is on the comforters!! ahhh. Can be found here.

5. Lazada

This website has everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. At rock bottom prices. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this website. Think of something or anything and chances are you can find it here. Be warned and enter at your own risk haha.

4.  Hishop

Hishop sells skincare, cosmetics, haircare. I can just go for hours and hours on this website scouting for products. It focuses mainly on Asian brands but other european brands are available as well. I usually buy my masks here.

3. Luxola

Like Hishop, Luxola sells skincare and haircare, makeup. It doesn't focus on Asian products only but has a wider range of international brands. Check out their website here. Mesti gatal tangan nak click LOL.

2. Reebonz

Bags, bags and more bags. Feeling lazy to walk into Dior or Chanel or LV at malls (which always happens to me because Airiel will ALWAYS steal the show...hufff) I just buy my bags here. Some nice vintage bags as well, which you can find nowhere else.

1. Net A Porter 

Net a Porter has everything from luxury designer clothing to bags to accessories to shoes to lingerie. I buy a lot of stuff here as well. Absolutely awesome with top notch service. Heck some of this stuff you can't even find in Malaysia.

And there you go.

My go to online website for almost everything.

Happy Birthday Malaysia.

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.

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