Monday, September 8, 2014

Let's Get Lost 2016 - Part 7 - Hotel Agora

"I read, I travel, I become" ~ Derek Walcott

Hello readers,

It is a Monday. How is everyone coping with the blues?

I must finish my Europe travel updates. 

From top clockwise 1. The double room comes with a funky looking wardrobe; 2. The tiny bathroom that only fits 1 pax at a time; 3. Size aside, the room does come with a flat screen tv; 4. The hotel sign in green before you enter; 5. Halal food is everywhere around here; and 6. My cosy tiny room. It cannot fit more than 2 people comfortably. 

On my last night in Paris after coming back from Amsterdam, I stayed at Hotel Agora. I was scheduled to watch the Moulin Rouge show that final night in Paris before going back to London and catching my flight back home.

Now, Hotel Agora is definitely something. 


1.  1 minute from the Metro. Like literally. All you had to do was exit the hotel, take a left and walk straight and voila, the metro will be there. So convenient; 

2. It is smack dab in the middle of Paris town. You are surrounded by restaurants, other hotels, shops, you name it; and

3. Location, location, location...can I say enough?


1. Taxis cannot drive in because it's not like beside the road or anything, they drop you off at the side of the road and you have to lug your luggage further inside before you see the hotel;

2. The rooms, lift. Everything about the hotel is tiny. I mean I am petite and even I found the size to be a tad bit small for me. But I also think that it's the kind of quirky charm that this hotel has; and

3. The wifi. It works occasionally, but most of the time it doesn't.

Since I was a solo traveller, the size was just nice for me.  But I would not recommend this hotel if you are a family with small children. It wouldn't be comfortable for you guys.

My review on is here.

I am all done for all my hotel updates for Europe yeay!!.

Pheww. Hope it will help travellers up there in their planning.

Have a good rest of the week guys.

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.

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