Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Public Hospital Experience - University Hospital

Hello readers,

Some of my readers have been asking me how my experience was in University Hospital this time around for my c-sect.

Well, I can't say my experience can be the same as normal patients, as my situation was far from normal, but it was a pleasant and lovely stay.

I was bleeding by the 1st of February 2013 and drove to the hospital. I was admitted straight away. Everything was a blur as the nurses and doctors moved so fast. They just couldn't wait as Akif had to be taken out ASAP. But the rooms and facilities were all very comfortable. I had my own room while waiting for the operation. The nurses were all kind and soft spoken. I was of course, the subject of great interest of all the housemans in the hospital who came and saw me in droves to ask me about the hydrops and Akif.

I had a very cheery doctor who did my emergency c-sect. He was singing and cheery all throughout the c-sect. Hahaha.

Whilst waiting in the recovery room, I remember feeling extremely cold (I was shivering), the paediatricians kept me updated with news on Akif. I am extremely grateful to them for holding my hand and comforting me while delivering the updates and finally the news of Akif's passing.

Instead of the post natal ward, they took me to the ante-natal ward and later transferred me to a single room so I won't be stressed hearing the other patients talk about their upcoming deliveries or hearing heartbeats of other babies during the scans for other patients. The nurses were lovely and kind.

I left the very next day because I was already walking and had bowel movements and all (crazy right? but I was so desperate to leave because I am not a fan of hospitals, so I made a point to get up and move it despite the pain).

The best part about everything is the bill, which came up to about RM800 bucks only! I mean seriously? RM800 bucks for emergency c-sect, ward stays and everything else and top notch, kind service.

I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. The facilities are new because UH has set up a new building for moms and kids. So its uber comfortable.

Remember, the key to government hospitals is to not complain and whine about every single little thing (it ain't no 5 star hotel ok so janganla nak melebih pulak?). Be nice and they will be nice to you.

19 days left to my confinement and I can't wait huhu..

Bye readers

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