Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pantang Menu

No matter what, once in your life someone will hurt you. That someone will take all that you are, and rip it into pieces, and they won't even watch where the pieces land. But through the breakdown, you'll learn something about yourself. You'll learn that you are strong. And no matter how hard they destroy you, that you can conquer anyone ~ unknown

Some of my readers have been asking me what my pantang food is like.

Well, the only thing I can eat and drink is below:-

1. Nasi Putih
2. Ikan Bawal bakar with salt and black pepper
3. Daging Bakar with salt and black pepper
4. Ikan masin kurau with salt black pepper
5. Air panas/suam
6. Serunding daging only

So, switch that up over 44 days.

Terrifying kan?

It doesn't end there, the pantang does not stop at 44 days, only select food is available for me to eat up to a certain point:-

1. No vege. Sawi can only be eaten 4 months after delivery
2. No seafood except udang until maybe about 6 months after delivery
3. No fruits except watermelon. Fruits pantang lama, maybe a year like that
4. No ice or cold stuff for about a year (which means no ice cream and yg sewaktu dengannya ok?)

Yezza, get the horror of what I am going through?

But I look at Nenda and she is so healthy for her age, takde sakit urat, takde badan angin angin, takde pantang makan apa. She says she owes it all to her pantang regime. So I'm just following whatever her orders are for this pantang thing and hope I will be as healthy as her when I get old. Bukannya boleh harap sgt suami atau anak anak jaga. In the end kena jaga diri sendiri.

Alright readers. Until next time...


  1. I think what ur having is a luxury!

    Masa i pantang dulu, I was allowed only

    1) hot white rice
    2) sup ikan haruan
    2) sup herba ayam
    3) sup sayur
    4) ginger porridge
    5) warm water
    6) brands chicken essence or brands berry essence

    I was not allowed of any daging or seafood mcm udang or kerang2.

  2. dahsyat jugak dana. yg aku horror ni sbb banyak benda setahun pantang. aduhaiii...penat

  3. but if it was for a year, i'll die. hehehe