Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Online Shopping 2013 - Part 1

Nenda has a rule when it comes to confinement, all the clothes worn during confinement must be thrown away after the 44 days period.

Plus I have given away all my preggy clothes because it reminds me too much of Akif.

So that gives me an excuse to buy new clothes!

On with it then. Some are for wear at home, others are for me to wear out.

For me to wear at home, to replace my kaftans I wear during confinement. These are from 

Soft pastel easy wearing flowy top. From Mooie

To wear at home. Short kaftan top. Am currently looking for some chiffon pants or something soft and flowy to go with it. This is from Kaftan Batik

Lovely pastel mint top. This is from EDZ. For goss sessions with my girls hahaha

This is kinda cute. I chose the black and white one. Maybe I'll wear it to work one of these days. This is from Asylla Collection.

I bought another top from Milktee but it was removed from the website before I had a change to download the pic and post it here.

I'm sure I am going to buy some more stuff before my confinement ends. Let's just hope I won't spend too much ehh?

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