Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Lil Diva is here!

Hello everyone.

I do not have many friends, social interactions make me uncomfortable... but I have always remained close to my chambiemates in SD, boy did we have some fun times back in the day. And recently, Aly gave birth to the anticipated Lil Diva which we have all been waiting for!

There's our Lil' Diva, all cute and sleeping! From left, Illa, yours truly (14 weeks along and struggling to gain weight), Aly and Farah! Missing from this session is Sue (under the weather at the time) and Sri (who is currently in the UK).

What would be a more suitable gift for our little diva than a Lil' Diva Diaper Cake!, made by unimate Am. Thanks Am, my friends loved it!

You can see more of her lovely creations on Diaper Cakes and Such.

A lot of work awaits so I must take my leave. Have a good week everybody.

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