Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby in Tummy No. 2 - Private Hospitals v Public Hospitals

Hello Everyone.

This post shall be about my dilemma on whether to go private or not for the delivery of Baby in Tummy No. 2.

I have nothing against public hospitals. In fact public hospitals are my first choice when it comes to delivery. In fact, I choose to go for my check up at public clinics i.e. Klinik Kesihatan. I think the checkups  are really thorough and the doctors and nurses always tell you what you need to hear (you shouldn't gain so much weight, you're eating too much sugar...bla bla bla) as opposed to what you want to hear kan.

I really have not experienced any of the horror stories yang org semua crite which you can find on the Internet pasal delivery in public hospital and I went to HKL of all places. The nurses were always nice even in the wards. I think the key is for you to be a nice person, if you're nice they will be equally nice to you. The facilities are not the best though and the nurses expect you to be independent, which I find to be ok although might be a bit taxing for those going through ceaser like me the last time.

Anyways, the reason the option of private hospital even came up is because the number of kids I wish to have. The chances of me going through a natural birth this time around is slim. But public hospitals will make you try to attempt it. My fear is that I may have to go through another emergency c-sect which I do not want to have. I would rather have an elective c-sect. If I go through the c-sect in a planned manner without complications and distress to the baby, and with the same doctor who knows my c-sect wound, I am hoping to attempt to have 4 or even maybe 5 kids via elective c-sect. If I keep having emergency c-sects. I may be stopped at 3 kids only. I am just trying to expand my options. Kalau dah rezeki sampai 3 je nak buat mcmmana, tapi kalau boleh nak 4 or 5 kids, it is an option which I would like to have.

My firm does not cover maternity expenses so Aries and I are pretty much on our own in terms of budget. Duit tu memang ada, but I just do not want to spend so much money on hospital bills sebenarnya. I mean, baik simpan utk their education ke hape kan? Sakit bersalin or luka c-sect pun sama je kat mana mana. And kalau bill sampai 10 ribu, I really think its such a waste of money. Baik belanja beli barang or spend on postnatal care for myself ke ape.

I have surveyed a few private hospitals yang dekat kat rumah and have narrowed down my options:-

1. Kelana Jaya Medical Centre (paling dekat, 2 minit dari rumah);

2. Sime Darby Ara Damansara Medical Centre (ini dekat jugak, 5 minit je tapi tak tahulah ada gynae ke tak sbb this a really new centre);

3. KPJ Selangor (Shah Alam);

4. Shah Alam Specialist Centre (SALAM) , their elective c-sect package is RM5555, link is here; and

5. Darul Ehsan Medical Centre (DEMC).

Anybody who knows how much (range) for an elective c-sect for the places above please let me know k?

Another option which I find attractive is the Full Paying Patient programme in Hospital Selayang and Hospital Putrajaya. Costs wise, a lot cheaper than private hospitals and I hear the facilities are superb. And I feel more confident because it is generally a government hospital only in the private wing of the same.

If anybody had experience as a FPP in these hospitals, please drop me a line. Would really appreciate it!



  1. betul ke klu dah went thru 2 emergency czer, limit kepada 3 anak je? kalau betul sedihnya!

    Hus bersalin fpp putrajaya last year. kos utk induce(2 times) + emergency czer + 4 days 2 nites = rm 4,002. quite reasonable. but i wish i followed my instinct and went thru elective czer. bdn hus n baby mmg tak sesuai kot dgn ubat induce tu. lambat nak bertindak balas dgn ubat n baby sure lemas sbb induce.

  2. Hus : Kalau hus dah lalui 3 emergency c-sect, usually doc dah tak bagi beranak lagi, sbb risky sgt for the mother to have so many c-sects yg done on emergency basis. Kalau elective ceaser which is planned, using same gynae, depending on your condition, maybe boleh have more than 3 kids.

    I tak tahu sgt pasal ni but my sister who is a doctor than warn me of the risks mcmni and ask me to think about it and consider elective c-sect as an option. Sebab all doctors I have been referred to says my hips (pelvic ke ape ntah) are too small to give birth naturally.

    Sigh, but FPP Hospital Putrajaya punya fees sgt reasonable! Hus mmg checkup dari awal kat sana ke daftar after 4 or 5 months? Mcmmana nak dafter ye? Bgtahu ye hus? Thanks!!

  3. Idza,I went thru natural birth in hospital Selayang,induced labor cos complication,contraction for >16hrs,but doctors still very confident that i can natural birth(with their experiences)!My next one Oso plan to have FPP in hospital Selayang!all the nurses n doctors are very professional,kind-hearted n friendly!cost wise,of course very cheap,4days3nights RM380,FPP RM1k+!Is a good option i think!

  4. Kar Mun: That is so cheap! I am going to try survey both, but I think Hospital Selayang is closer to my house than Hospital Putrajaya. But I hear FPP Hospital Putrajaya have executive Single Rooms which are super comfortable. So I am going to check it out! hehehe.

    I will keep you posted!

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  6. Hus check up kat klinik kesihatan, so masa 36 weeks kena buat check up di hospital putrajaya untk doc tgk previous scar. after check up tu hus daftar fpp at 36 weeks. nasib baik diaorg terima lg. skrg ni tak tahulah. tapi tak dpt doc perempuan, dpt male doctor. Dr. Azmi nama dia. but he is nice.

    My personal experience mmg best cuma kat fpp putrajaya ni ada 2 jenis bilik, 2 bedded and 1 bedded.utk kedua-dua bilik ni u akan byr harga yang sama i.e.rm300. masa time hus pegi tu bernasib baik sbb mmg tak ramai org so dpt masuk bilik sorang. klu bilik sorang unavailable, kena masuk bilik yg 2 bedded dgn bayaran harga yg sama. kalau dpt bilik sorang mmg selesa sgt2. hubby nak tido pun selesa. anak kita nak dtg pun boleh main2 sbb agak luas n full carpet.if u decided to go for elective cser, maybe boleh minta jasa baik diaorg utk reserve bilik 1 bedded utk u. tapi mcm jauh plak idza nak buat check up. tak silap hus, at least kena buat 3 kali check up dgn diaorg. klu idza mmg minat, mungkin boleh daftar (bayar rm120 n check up skali)then bincang dgn doctor utk sambung check up dkt klinik kesihatan and come back at 8 or 9 months. hus rasa mcm penah dgr org buat mcmtu.

  7. ko tau kan aku balik taiping to give birth to the 2nd one because columbia asia tpg punya charge around rm2k++ saje for total mommy + baby costs. i am not sure whether the same amount applies to all other columbia asia's hospitals at other places. there is one in bukit rimau and also in puchong.

  8. Hus : Thanks. I rasa I mmg interested. Costs wise mmg sgt murah kalau banding private and I can choose to do elective c-sect. Nanti I akan terus call buat appointment as an FPP. Thanks!

    Ida: Babe, you punya rate kat taiping tu murah gile babe. Aku rasa takkan sama punya rate dengan Columbia Asia kat sini. Hehehehe

  9. idza, i know cost is a major factor.. but with my first child, i went thru elective c-sect (hubby was in all the way), 2x epidural, premier ward (single room paling mahal), 6D 5N stay (sbb anak aku jaundice - 3D paid full room rate, 3D bayar lodging sahaja) = RM10k. Mine was at Dsara Specialist Hospital. Tapi kalau u wanna go for FPP GOvt hospital, I heard Selayang is a top option!

  10. idza, ada pump dr australia tak silap, rumble tuff. review mcm best je. do check it out too

  11. Farah: Wow, that is so expensive! Kalau husband you tak kisah takpe babe. Matyie ok asalkan baby and I selamat and comfortable, tapi I just think I do not want to spend so much on childbirth itself, even if Matyie pays! Haritu masa give birth to Airiel, emergency c-sect was only RM400 bucks plus RM5 for the ward!. Mmg murah sgt sgt. Boleh pakai duit tu untuk bende lain.. hehe. But thanks babe. I think mmg I have decided with the FPP option, so long as I can choose for an elective c-sect, the rest (hospital and care and all the other things) i tak kisah sgt. Masa HKL dulu, I was so self sufficient even though c-sect, nurse pun jadi kawan! hehe,and you know how government nurses and doctors just leave the baby to you for you to handle. Tapi I just loved it, even though susah sikit sbb c-sect, tapi it made adjustment at home when everybody was gone and back at work a breeze. Thanks babe, for the info, but honestly i almost fell off my chair bila baca hahahaha

  12. Hus : Thanks hus, I akan tgk and compare prices.

  13. hi, was browsing around cari reviews on confinement lady & stumbled on to your blog. i was induced and had epidural & c-sect at pantai, bangsar and stayed for 4 days, 3 nights and it cost us abt RM10k as well. for my 2nd one ni, am still undecided whether to deliver at pantai or prince court. if i'm not mistaken, even if you choose elective c-sect, the most they'll allow is only up to 4 even at private hospitals. my dr friend said that normally gov hospitals tak allow elective c-sect unless it's confirmed that you cannot deliver normal i.e placenta praevia etc. but i'm x sure abt that coz i've never had experience checkups/ deliver at gov hospital. gd luck!

  14. Juju: Wow, that is a bomb! But kalau you ada budget i suppose as long as you're comfortable thats what matters most. I hope to have 4 kids kalau elective c-sect. My friend ada sorang yg dapat 5 kids, all via elective c-set tapi guna gynea yg sama and luka dia and her body pon suitable for it. But my sis pun ckp, selalunya 4 sahaja max. thanks and I hope my post on postnatal packages helped you!

  15. tq dear on the postnatal packages post. i'm currently searching for one although my edd is still lambat lagi. but i need to survey & decide as we re currently staying abroad & would only balik once i'm abt to deliver. takut by that time dah too late to find anyone. do u've any suggestions or recommendations? would appreciate it if you can share. tq!!

  16. Juju: I dengar byk org rekemen jemari tradisional. They say service tip top. Cuba you try buat inquiry. Tapi kena cepat sbb ramai yg booking.

  17. Assalamualaikum idza....owin br lps deliver baby yg kedua kat HKL last 2 weeks thru c-sect...yg first pun c-sect last year n buat kat HKL. memandangkan kita Org gomen so guna spital gomen la nampaknya. Amik yg first class service serius superb (as for me la) Nurses buat semua...hehehe...padahal owin x suruh betulla kata idza, kalau kita buat baik kat Org, Org takkan segan silu baik ngan kita

  18. owin : congrats on the 2nd one! girl ke boy? Anyway, gov. hosp. not bad mcm org cakap kan? Aku tak pernah experience plak amende yg teruknya. Selalunya gov. nurses ni marah kalau patient yg banyak komplen ..kalau kita baik, diorg pun baik. Owin elective c-sect ke emergency c-sect?

  19. DEMC if my memory serves correctly (through a relative's experience) around 6k ++