Friday, September 7, 2012

My Top 10 Shopping Websites for Moms to Be/Moms


Semenjak dua menjak di ramai pulak yang bertanya whether I have regular websites that I go to untuk mencuci mata kalau nak tgk barang baby or breastpumps atau yang berkaitan dengannya. Ok, I will list down my top 12 websites that I usually surf through for baby stuff or preggy stuff.

Warning : PRODUCTS IN THESE WEBSITES CAN BE EXTREMELY CUTE AND IRRESISTIBLE. Click at your own risk. Ok, with that disclaimer sorted out, let's go to the list.

1. EnjoyBreastFeed - As the title of the website would indicate, this website caters to everything breastfeeding. It has a large section for baby products as well. I also love that the website is in pink!

2. Littlewhiz - This is a pretty comprehensive site that deals with everything from baby furniture and bedding, to baby slings to baby food. You can spend hours just looking at the products! If you're not satisfied with just looking at the products online, go to their shop in Section U13, Setia Alam;

3. Moms Little Ones - This online shop has a lot of offline branches and has the standard items of breastpumps, nursing and maternity apparels and breastcare products. One feature which I like is that you can opt for notifications on updates/restocking of one particular product which you like to be sent to your e-mail if you want!;

4. Baby Care Malaysia - This online shop does not sell breastpumps, but instead concentrates on maternity wear, baby apparels, cloth diapers and toys for kids. The cloth diapers are super cute!;

5. Kasihku Sayangku - Like Littlewhiz, it offers tons of stuff which you can go through and surf for hours on end. It even sells gift sets and books, cd and dvds for kids and mothers to be;

6. Fabulousmoms - This is my personal favourite website and it also has a number of offline branches which you can visit. What I like about this website is the maternity bras they sell! The items sold are extensive!;

7. Babyloft - I still have not finished going through the products listed in their website. From carseats, to strollers, to bouncers, walkers, you name it..they have everything baby! They also have a 3D hand and feet sculpting service for you to immortalise the memory of your baby! How cool is that. Another plus is that Babyloft has a branch in Publika, Solaris Dutamas where I work. I found one product here which I am seriously contemplating buying - Simple Wishes : Hands Free Pumping Bra;

8. Babies Kingdom - They do not sell breastpumps on their website, but do sell baby car seats and carriers, baby furniture and bedding and strollers and buggies;

9.  Kedai Ibu  - They have an extensive collection of breastpumps, breastpump accessories, even NR set bersalin, Islamic books untuk belajar Al-Quran and all. They even sell barut and bedung, even used breastpumps; and

10. MyBBstore - There all manner of items neatly categorised not only by category, but by 'Best Seller', 'Award Winners', by 'Brand', 'On Sale' and 'New Arrivals'.

Alright readers. Hope the list helps you guys out. Please drop me a line at FB or pm me at my yahoo if you need to know anything else.

Have a good weekend ahead.


  1. mybbstore tu kedai dia kat KJ, blakang paradigm mall. semua yg dlm website ada kat kedai tu. near ur place kan?

  2. Ida : Yupp, dekat dengan rumah aku. Aku mmg ingat nak pergi survey survey bila dah shortlist barang. Pastu kedai branch littlewhiz pon ada kat tempat keje aku satu. Aku pun nak survey sana jugak. Tapi aku rasa deals breastpump yg paling best still kat fabulousmoms jugak. Tapi nak tgk lagi mcmmana dekat kedai lain.