Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sooner than most...

Airiel's Maksu has lived with her brain damage and handicapped condition since she was 7.  She is now 28.

I remember how it was in the UK in the months of her recovery. The doctors called it a miracle. You see, she was supposed to die in that horrific car accident. And yet, she lived. She was never expected to wake up from her coma, and yet she did. She was never supposed to be able to stand up and get out of her wheelchair, but she is now able to walk with a walker. They thought she could never do anything and be nothing more than a vegetable, and yet she has accomplished so much.

She is still here.

The doctors told us that due to her condition, she will slowly deteriorate over time. In other words, living long and prosperous is not in the cards for her. We heard them say it and we knew they were right. Actually watching her deteriorate is painful beyond measure.

From allergy hospitalisations, to DVT, to depression medication, to minor surgery last year, breathing problems are now her current ailment. It has gotten so bad that long distance travel may be out of the question, perhaps permanently for her.

It may be a sign of impending heart problems. When I heard that, my heart just shattered into a million pieces. I don't know where I should start picking the pieces up.

My sister's heart maybe giving up on her, and there is nothing that Nenda, Atuk, Bonda or I can do about it, but watch it happen. 

This family is all I have.

Ya Allah, grant this family the courage to be strong. 


  1. sedih bace post ni. rase kita yang hidup sihat ni patut selalu rasa bersyukur, hargai dan pelihara kesihatan ni. :(

  2. iye kak lina, kesihatan adalah satu nikmat yang tak terhingga diberi tuhan. Kita harus hargai, sesetengah manusia tiada nikmat itu. Semoga semua selamat hendaknya insyaAllah

  3. hus, takpe. idza and family percaya dgn sepenuh hati yg tuhan takkan uji dengan ujian yg tak mampu kami hadapi. We believe we are tested this way because we are strong enough for it. Tetap redha dgn takdir dan ketentuanNya

  4. sejak bapak aku kena strok 3 thn lepas, when doctor moron told us point blank that my dad will either remain in vegetative condition like how he was that time (lepas stroke normally patients akan coma for bout 1 week)or die eventually, either way, it wasnt a likeable option. heck, it wasnt even an option to us! so we continued living, like how you continue living with your sis day after day, year after year. and now it has been 3 years, my bapak had another massive stroke in between, when we thought maybe, just maybe his time is up, dah sampai masuk life support machine, coma for 2 weeks, in icu for 3 weeks. i swear to god that i had mentally prepared myself that if his ajal has come, i'm ready and will redha akan pemergiannya. but he is still around, very much live and kicking till today. but u know, bapak aku dah umur 74. kalo ikut umur Nabi, well, Nabi pun hidup tak sampai 74. mcm mak aku ckp slalu kat kitorg (either to console us or herself, i'm not sure) "everyday is a bonus for him".

  5. ida, yupp. that is how my life has been since I was 8. Living a day at a time and making the most out of it. I don't think your mom was trying to console, she was stating a fact. And that is so true, everyday is a bonus for those who thought that today is most probably their last. Marilah kita bersyukur dgn kehidupan yg ada. I wish the best for your dad.