Monday, June 18, 2012

Online Shopping 2012 - Part 4

I am experiencing some form of Monday blues right now, which is a bit late in the day because there's only a few hours left to Monday.

To cheer myself up, I shall post about some online shopping which I did recently.

This is from How2shop 

This is from Love Heart E-House

This is from Bolster Store

Ok. Hope this shopping mojo will be enough to last me till the end off the month!


  1. part 4 ??.. hehehe...
    tapi sangat suka kan cardigan itu.. (mmg tgh survey2 nak beli satu..=P)

    ~ala ko tau aku sape.. (hua hua hua)

  2. comel kan cardigan tu huda? haa, beli jgn tak beli. Syok woo online shopping ni. Tak payah jalan jauh jauh

  3. itu ler. sangat comel.. haha..
    mmg tgh survey online..
    inshaAllah.. nnt.. kena tengok2 mana yg berkenan di hati.. =)