Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Diablo III experience

Warning, spoilers ahead. Please leave if you do not want to know how the game ends.

I have completed Diablo III, Normal mode!

Now, the background story to Diablo III takes place some 20 years after Diablo II. Deckard Cain is back (aye, he is!) with a charming little lady called Leah (who unfortunately as you will learn later, is special for a bad, bad reason).

Anyways, we are back in Tristram or New Tristram as it is called (you would know that the original Tristram was completely destroyed in Diablo II). Events have unfolded and we see a star falling from the sky into the Cathedral in New Tristram. We arrive as the Nephalem (no matter what class you choose - for me it is the Barbarian of course!). In a nutshell, let me just tell you the important events in the game:-

1. Deckard Cain dies later on in the game;
2. Leah is the daughter of Adria (remember her in the original Diablo?) and the Dark Wanderer (that would be you aka King Leoric's son in the original Diablo who defeated Diablo the first time and decided to contain Diablo within himself - ahhh what a dashing hero he was); and
3. Archangel Tyrael (from Diablo II) strips his own wings and chooses to be human to fight with us; and
4. Leah's body will eventually be controlled and completely taken over by the essence of Diablo and his lesser evil brothers, and unite to become the Primevil, the Legion.

Now I know the reviews for Diablo III varies from some saying that it is a great game to some completely hating it, simply because I think the fans waited years for this game and was expecting way too much from it.

The Pros and Cons

1. Diablo III has a pretty linear storyline, but in my opinion it is way better and more complex than that of Diablo and Diablo II. That being said, anybody who wants a complex, layered storyline and quests should go play an RPG game you get what I mean?. It is a hack and slash game, and it stays true to that genre, which I am glad it did.

2. The game is way too short for me. I did not play it religiously (I do have a day job to think about) but I managed to complete the entire game in about less than a month. I wished it dragged on longer, and perhaps the dungeons and monsters could drag on and on (remember  the dungeons in Diablo? All the 32 levels I think? That was so cool and painful at the same time) but alas, most dungeons would not go on for more than a few levels. But then again I have not played nightmare mode yet, so we will see;

3. What I absolutely love about Diablo III though are the random items, and the auction house. There are some really insane powerful items out there, with amazing powers, the possibilities are endless which you can bid and buy out;

4. The best Diablo III feature which has been the underlying theme in all Diablo games so far is the random game generator. You know when you leave the game and resume it later, the terrain, monsters are never, ever the same. It makes the game always exciting and the replayability of it endless; and

5. And the best thing is, this time around your follower gets to equip stuff and have a personality and level up with their own unique skills! I found the banter with my faithful templar follower quite entertaining!

So what kind of rating do I give this game, a solid 8/10! It is a good, solid game which will keep you entertained for months and years to come!.

Now go out and get yourself a copy!

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