Monday, July 2, 2012

House of Kebab, Solaris Dutamas [Part 2]

Hello everyone.

I recently went to House of Kebab again. I have blogged about the place before here but since blogger went kaput and somehow deleted all of my past pics inn all my blog posts last year (sengaja ke wei?), going back to that post and reading it won't be much use to you guys.

Anyway, when we arrived for lunch at 12.40 ish, the place was looking it was just going to open. What annoyed me was that they had this 'way too loud' music blaring in the background which we only managed to persuade them to tune down after a few requests and after my colleague got really agigated. So anyways, lets get on to the food.

Yummy kebabs with a hint of saffron mixed in the rice. The kebabs were juicy and not dry 

 I had this pink guava drink. I loved the fact that they served the drink in a chilled glass.

Ain't the ribbons a nice touch?

The restaurant is situated on the tail end of G4, with breathtaking views of the Wilayah Persekutuan mosque.

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