Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Online shopping - Tudung Bawal

I am not a fan of the current hijab fashions. Call me old fashioned, but I love wearing my tudung bawal and have absolutely no plans to change.

I think its great that hijabs (which I presume would include tudung bawal) have now been seen as a current and hip trend which has gone mainstream and is taken on by young ladies everywhere. As long as it covers your aurat, I think anything that you wear is good.

Now, back to the 'I am loyal to my Tudung Bawal' post. I bought some online.

I bought the white and black one. These are from Sweet Remedy 88

I also bought this black and white 2 tone bawal. This is from Batik Kristal

Ok guys. Happy one day holiday in commemoration of our Royal Highness the Agong's pertabalan! Enjoy it!


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