Monday, April 2, 2012

My SII is back!

Yes it is!

And how happy I am to get it repaired and all nice and new. And with that, my love for taking pictures has resumed.

Although am currently having difficulty typing as I have stitches in my right arm, I just had to share with you the highlights of last week and the week before.

My in laws dropped by and we had a lovely family weekend. I love love the middle pic where Airiel is posing with little Eisya, his cousin. So cutee!!!

My Airiel, with his passion for books and colouring and crafts as well. The bottom pictures are of him trying to fit into his old Bumbo seat and amusing me to no end.

The book that I am currently reading. A collection of short fictional stories of the paranormal. About 2 more stories before I finish.

I am lamenting over the fact that I do not have enough room to store my collection of bags. Sigh...

Happy Monday everyone. Have a good one!

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