Thursday, April 19, 2012

Laksa 'Angry Bird', Ara Damansara

This is the nickname that this laksa lorry cum stall has been given.

You want to know why?

Look at all the black angry bird tissue holder! hahaha. The laksa served is laksa utara, spicy and not sweet. What a refreshing snack!

My jewelled tudung bawal which I bought. A bit too festive I think.  I'll just revert to my old tudung bawal meanwhile... Ohh, by the way they also serve chendol so you can cool down after slurping the spicy laksa.

I know Aries hates my way of smiling, tapi inilah cara diriku senyum...nak buat mcmmana Aries? :-)

Ok, the Laksa Angry Bird owners always park their truck opposite to the Ara Damansara police station. You can't miss it. Have a try and tell me what you think ok?

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